Management and Administration of Approved Loans

Management and Administration of Approved Loans

For any questions regarding an existing loan: 514-312-3084

Loan request

You have to work a little more if you want to get a loan on such good terms, because the whole process is automated and does not require human intervention on our part, it is the machine that decides!

You must complete the entire application form. If any information is missing from the mandatory questions (indicated by an *), the application cannot be submitted. If all the required information is provided, the program analyzes the request and calculates your debt ratio. If the latter is less than 45%, you are accepted without an endorser and you are immediately informed.

If so, a customer service agent will contact you within a maximum of 1 hour, confirm the final details and send you the contract to sign. This will also be an opportunity for you to talk to a human and ask your questions if you have any.

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